Tehakatu'u Development Association

"To empower the community"  

  Proposed projects:

Education student sponsorship: This program is to work close with sponsors provide school fees and other supplies which will give to over 10 students the chance to go to school and pursue their educational goals.

School development: the school development project is to assist the community in building, improving, supplying, and supporting the school in impoverished communities.

Conservation project: The conservation project will help the community to protect their natural resources. Currently the community is engaging in marine project area with the support from the Oceanswatch organization.

Sewing project: The sewing project will help the women and young girls to generate an income by training them in the use of sewing machines. Classes will run, and include instruction in financial literacy and life skills in order to help women and young girls to make the most of their new abilities.

Family aid: The family aid program will provide a variety of types of assistance to families in need. Emergency medical care ongoing medical care housing home construction and repair food water fuel efficient stoves poultry etc

Serving/loans: we will provide support in the small serving/loans to help women start their own small businesses. This program is implemented in partnership with the live and learn organization.

Computer classes: We will provide bi-weekly classes for youths, which teach typing skills and computer literacy. We are seeking any interested donors and NGOs to support us in this initiatives.

Community centers: Community gathering spaces are important to development and empowerment projects, including women's groups and job skill training. TDA will help to plan and construct these centers in the community. These spaces can also be used for community meetings, as schools, and as locations for medical clinics.

Sports: we will organize sports activities for the youths and children in the community. 

HCD methods: A research using HCD toolkits to find solution on agricultural activities in the community.



The organization welcomes any kind of support. We accept financial and other types of materials support.

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