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Great news just in from OceansWatch Solomon Islands director Willie Sau Kaitu'u "The Rennell Bellona provincial Executive agreed in their meeting today, to recognize the Marine Protected Area on Rennell Island. Their letter should be made available to us by Monday 10 June." To those of you such as Gardner, Alison, Cleo, Noelle, Bara, Joetta, Irene, Katherine and Emily who helped in the field a big thank you:) Thanks to all our behind the scenes people too, especially Julia and OceansWatch New Zealand and Solomon Islands Trustees. Huge thanks to Willie, Derek Pongi and others on Rennell, especially Joseph and the Reef Guardians. As OceansWatch followers know we are a community driven organisation, here to serve people and their environment but it's also great to get our work recognised by Government too. 10/6/2013

Letter from the Renbel Province: The Minister of Fishery Hon. Luke Tuata will hand deliver a letter from the Rennell Bellona province executive for their recognition of the MPA. The Chairman of the MPA Committee Mr. Derek Pongi would like to thank the Hon. Luke Tuata, the Premier and the DPS for their support. 10/6/2013